Weastflows project video: transporting freight better, smarter and more sustainably

The Institute for Sustainability has launched a video that highlights the pioneering work being undertaken to help deliver smarter and more sustainable freight transport across Europe and beyond.

Through an EU-funded project, Weastflows (West and East freight flows), logistics experts are undertaking inter-connected activities and practical demonstrations using ICT solutions. The video provides an overview of the activity taking place to identify challenges and opportunities to improve freight movement, and encourage greener supply chains.

This includes developing the first intermodal route planner that calculates the fastest freight route by road, rail and sea against estimated journey costs across Europe; trialling an integrated online tracking system to deliver greater efficiency when moving goods from origin to destination, allowing full traceability from anywhere in the world; and analysing comprehensive data to create an interactive mapping tool, identifying under-used networks and traffic bottlenecks across all transport modes, and highlighting where alternative routes can be used.

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