RHI Decoded: What is its role in the UK carbon economy

This paper was put together following the CBx evening event in September 2014, to summarise the open discussion around the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) opportunities and barriers, and how the scheme interacts with other government policy and incentives. It describes real life case studies surrounding the RHI; discussing options for decarbonising the mains gas supply (including biomethane and hydrogen), and considers how the gas system might change in the future as the UK develops a low-carbon economy. Presentations explored the history and future of UK heat and an overview of current modelling techniques employed to examine the UK carbon targets both at whole economy scale and sector interactions. Our DECC speaker provided insight into accredited installations showing possible financial returns and updates on latest policy developments, with industry leaders looking at key challenges, and giving guidance to those installing new systems.

With special thanks to our fantastic panel of experts; Patrick Allcorn of DECC, Matthew Farrow of the EIC, Atika Ashraf of Ofgem, Paul Clark of Rural Energy, and Charlotte Johnson, Francis Li and Paul Dodds of the UCL Energy Institute.

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RHI, CBx, Ofgem, renewable heat, energy efficiency

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