Greater London National Park*

Greater London National Park*

The Greater London National Park* is the world’s first urban national park that encompasses an entire city. The park is unique in recognising the value of its urban habitat, celebrating its beauty, wildlife, built environment and cultural heritage.

Today, London covers 1,572 km² and is shared by over 8 million resident people and over 13,000 species of wildlife.

The Park is marked by the Thames, Britain’s second longest river, which cuts across the city from west to east. Inside the Park’s boundaries are two Special Protected Areas, three Special Areas of Conservation, two National Nature Reserves, 36 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, 142 formal Local Nature Reserves, 30,000 allotments, 65,000 stands of woodland and an estimated 3.8 million gardens, each with their own unique potential for life to thrive.

A wealth of recreational opportunities are available across the Greater London National Park*. In addition to being able to explore London’s rivers, parks and gardens by bike or on foot, the more adventurous can plan to walk the London LOOP, a 152 mile (245km) long distance footpath that circles around the edge of the entire park.

Looked after by millions of individuals and thousands of organisations, the Greater London National Park* is diverse, dynamic and welcoming and open for you to explore.

The Greater London National Park* is officially a Notional Park. As you will have noticed, the Greater London National Park* does not actually exist… but it could do. We have made this little website to furrow the ground, plant a seed, strike a spark and see what happens.

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