Online Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Training Course

This online course is designed to give an essential overview of life cycle assessment (LCA), which is useful to determine the environmental impacts of products, buildings and services. The course will help you to interpret and evaluate LCA studies and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of LCA.

The course is an instant access video course, split into 16 modules.

Content: This course will cover key topics including:
* Background of LCA
* An introduction to LCA methods and standards
* The LCA framework: Life cycle assessment involves a 4 stage process. Involving goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment, and interpretation
* Environmental indicators: LCA results can include up to 20 different environmental indicators, such as global warming potential (carbon footprint), toxicity, eutrophication, acidification, water depletion, metal depletion...etc. We will provide an overview of what each of the main indicators means, how they happen and what types of impacts and damage they could cause. This part of the course uses a lot of engaging and visual content
* Data and tools: An overview of the main data sources and software packages. An introduction to data collection and primary and secondary data
* Fate modelling: You will be introduced to fate modelling
* Midpoint and endpoint modelling: You will be introduced to midpoint and endpoint modelling. This is an essential to understand when identifying the key environmental issues and interpreting results
* Interpreting results: There are several ways of presenting LCA results. We will provide some examples of LCA results to show how you need to take care in how results are presented and interpreted
* Case study results: We will use a case study to explore LCA results and the key points from this training course

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