Ecobuild 2014: Place-making with people in mind - the brief for success?

Integrating the physical and the social - beyond the red line is presented at Ecobuild 2014 by Liz Kessler, Associate, Rethinking Cities.

Our existing towns and cities were located in response to a range of physical, economic and social conditions which contributed to local identity and the particularities of place to which people respond today. For example, we are told that people prefer older houses - why? Today we have increased urban populations, changes to the economic base and demographics. How do we create places where people can thrive socially, mentally, physically and economically? How do we successfully knit in new developments to relate to the existing scale and urban form and, indeed, to improve what is there? How do we create urban extensions which relate to the particularity of an existing town or city and can be identified as 'somewhere' places and not 'anywhere' places? Where is the vision - is it in the town hall, from the community or a balance of the two? This session explores the necessary briefing for successful and creative place-making.

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future cities, ecobuild, placemaking, neighbourhoods, active lifestyles, high streets, street design, connectivity

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