Ecobuild 2014: Strategic water cycle management

Martin Shouler, Associate Director, Arup talks at Ecobuild 2014 about strategic water cycle management.

There is a global water challenge. In the UK changing weather patterns mean that, although the annual average rainfall remains largely unchanged, the increase in heavy downpours which bring risks of floods mean that more water is lost to sea and less can be retained for reuse. An integrated approach is needed to resolve issues of both water shortages and excessive flooding. We need to take action within the built environment to ensure responsible water use and management, but also in the peri-urban and rural areas where some of our water and flooding problems originate.

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water efficiency, ecobuild, ARUP, SUDS, flooding, water reuse, masterplanning, urban catchment, BS 8595, water reuse networks (WReN), integrated water cycle management

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