Putting the ‘S-word’ back into sustainability: Can we be more ‘social’?

This paper, commissioned from Tim Dixon, explains
- what is meant by social sustainability (and how it is linked to concepts such as social capital and social cohesion);
- why the debate matters during a period when ‘localism’ is dominating political debate;
- and what is inhibiting its growth and its measurement.

The paper reviews best practice in post-occupancy social sustainability metric systems, based on recent research undertaken by the author on Dockside Green in Vancouver, and identifies some of the key operational issues in mainstreaming the concept within major mixed-use projects.

The paper concludes by offering a framework for the key challenges faced in setting strategic corporate goals and objectives; prioritising and selecting the most appropriate investments; and measuring social sustainability performance by identifying the required data sources.

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localism, social capital, social cohesion, How2Social

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