Investigating the Role of Design in the Circular Economy

The Great Recovery has run a programme of workshops, networking and brokering events, presentations, debates and round tables. These have helped build understanding around the principles of closed loop design and the barriers to achieving full circularity.

We have developed an online resource that focuses on design for a circular economy. This includes a growing database of reports, images and information, articles, blogs, Twitter feeds and a dedicated YouTube channel which hosts films of the workshops. Through the circular network, workshops and teardown observations, we have gained a better understanding of what action and research is required to transform the way society manages resources. We have made a series of key recommendations based on the findings of the first phase of The Great Recovery programme.

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Friday, 18th October 2013

Andrea Charlson, Arup

This website, the resources available and linked to from it are one of the best collections I have seen on this topic. The diagram on page 34 of the 'The Great Recovery Report: Investigating the role of design in the circular economy' report, although focussed around products, is equally applicable to buildings and also highlights the roles of the various stakeholders in the process.


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