Whole Life Costing (+ CO2) user guide

This user guide is to help organisations make procurement decisions on equipment based on whole life costs include CO2.

A major factor that determines an organisation’s emissions is the equipment that it uses. And the people that decide on this equipment are the procurement professionals. For example, by making the decision to replace a computer with a more efficient model, you will more than likely reduce the emissions from your organisation. But you need to understand which product is going to result in fewer emissions over its entire lifetime. Whilst looking for the most energy efficient product is a good start, you also need to understand the emissions that result from product disposal. And is it better to use an efficient product that needs to be replaced every two years, or a less efficient one that lasts much longer? What’s more, you need to understand the financial implications – both in traditional whole life terms (maintenance, fuel costs, training costs, disposal costs etc) and in terms of the financial cost incurred by your organisation from your CO2 emissions through schemes such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment. This tool will help you to answer these questions, putting you firmly on track to achieving effective whole life costing and real emissions reductions.

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