Commissioning Air Systems: Application procedures for buildings

Covers essential design requirements, installation considerations and commissioning procedures plus information on reporting and documentation.

Deals with these topics in separate sections:
1) Commissioning - fans and ductworks system design, access and test holes, specifying flow rates and tolerances;
2) Installation - management, ductwork installation procedures, installation inspections, preparation for commissioning;
3) Commissioning procedures - management, site test instruments, on-site flow measurement techniques, setting to work, on-site regulation and procedure, 4) Reporting and documentation - reporting, documentation, example pro formas.

The latest commissioning equipment is also described along with application notes. The Guide can facilitate successful commissioning of building services as quoted in the Building Regulations Approved Document L2:, A way of demonstrating compliance would be to follow the guidance in the CIBSE Commissioning Codes and BSRIA Commissioning Guides.

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