10 reasons you should have a green lease

The JLL Energy and Sustainability Services team recommends that tenants and landlords collaborate to develop a green lease that benefits each party, typically including the following ten benefits:

1. Reduce Utility Consumption and Save Money
2. Improve Working Relationships Between Tenants and Landlords
3. Support Corporate Sustainability Initiatives
4. Enhance Corporate Image/Brand
5. Demonstrate Vision and Thought Leadership
6. Improve Civic Relations
7. Contribute to LEED and Other Green Certifications
8. Improve Employee Productivity, Recruitment and Retention
9. Generate Additional Savings through Waste Stream Diversions
10. Do the Right Thing for the Environment and its People

In celebration of Earth Day 2013, Jones Lang LaSalle released a white paper that goes into detail on the return on investment (ROI) associated with each of the benefits listed above.

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