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The construction industry is the single largest producer of waste in the UK, creating approximately 90 million tonnes of waste each year, of which about 18 million tonnes is sent to landfill. It is estimated that 13% of all building materials arriving on site end up in skips as surplus and are never used, with these goods alone valued at £1.5 billion per annum. There are further large volumes of reusable second hand materials and products generated by the construction industry.

Site waste management plans, Waste Regulation updates, Landfill tax escalator and client pressure are just some of the drivers leading to increased demand for green building, resource management and sustainable construction.

Recipro is an organisation created to help the construction industry to reduce its environmental impact. The Recipro Managed Service offers construction companies solutions for surplus (and reusable) building materials generated on site. These materials are removed from site and redistributed into the community sector via a ReciproCity Reuse Centre. We can then report to you on the waste diversion, carbon saving and community benefits created.

It is free to register a site with the Managed Service. Charges only apply for collections and reporting where required. Collections are priced regionally, and provide a competitively priced alternative to waste management.

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