eTool LCA - Life Cycle Assessment Design Software for the built environment

eTool LCA is a streamlined Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Assessment design software used to optimise the built environment.
eTool LCA provides you with the ultimate in ESD tools and services to design, construct and operate with the lowest environmental impact while getting the best return on investment.
This world leading software is web based, free to access and is utilised by everyone from the general public through to engineering and consulting firms looking to generate real performance based outcomes.

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LCA, life cycle assessment, embodied carbon

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Minimising the embodied impacts of the built environment is critical. This can be measured through life-cycle assessment methodologies, of which there are many. The standard that has been developed through Europe to ensure methodologies are aligned as much as possible is CEN TC 350. There are many guides available about embodied impacts and carbon for the product industry, chartered surveyors and engineers. In order to reduce embodied carbon in buildings we need to design better buildings. WRAP & UK-GBC are taking forward the development of a building level embodied carbon database. Please contribute your data to this initative.

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