CIBSE TM51 Ground source heat pumps

The purpose of this Technical Memorandum is to provide information for practitioners to enable ground source heat pumps to be properly applied, and their environmental and economic potential to be realised.

Ground source heat pumps are heat generating systems that take heat stored in the surface of the earth for use in space and water heating systems. Heat pumps can be used in combination with radiators or underfloor heating systems and can provide domestic hot water. The heat is transferred from the ground to the heating system by circulating a fluid, usually a mixture of water and antifreeze, around a loop of pipe buried in the ground.

Ground source heat pumps offer a number of benefits, including lower carbon emissions, reduced fuel bills, a cost-effective off-gas grid alternative to oil, solid fuel or electric radiators. Heat pumps powered by a renewable energy source are completely renewable, and are a good source of renewable heat. Interest in this technology has grown in the UK over the past decade.

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