CIBSE AM12 Combined Heat and Power for Buildings

CIBSE AM12 Combined Heat and Power for Buildings

This document promotes best practice in the design of combined heat and power systems.

Energy use in buildings is a major contributor to CO2 emissions and the supply of heat for space heating and hot water is associated with approximately 16% of total UK CO2 emissions (CCC, 2010). The role and responsibility of the building services engineer in meeting these challenges is therefore very significant.

Combined heat and power (chp) has been recognised as a technology that can reduce CO2 emissions. It can also be cost-effective to implement in many applications. The greater efficiency of fuel utilisation will also help improve energy security, chp thus has the potential to help meet all of the three challenges outlined above.

The energy efficiency benefits obtained with a chp system will still be needed even if the fuels used in the future are low carbon, as such fuels will be in short supply and will also have environmental impacts. Maximising the efficiency of utilisation of renewable fuel will remain an important part of the case for chp in the future.

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