Sakura: Embodied Carbon and Design for Deconstruction Assessment Tool

Sakura is a free, web-based tool that quantifies the energy and carbon savings achieved by designing a structure for deconstruction. It should be used at an early design stage to identify those projects which will benefit most from design for deconstruction. It also estimates the embodied energy and carbon of your project’s structure. This decision making aid, developed in the Civil and Structural Engineering Department of the University of Sheffield, assists designers to create more sustainable buildings through design for deconstruction. This strategy facilitates the future reuse of materials, lessening material extraction, reducing embodied energy and carbon and minimising construction and demolition waste; all requirements for a sustainable future.

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Friday, 26th April 2013

Danielle Densley Tingley, The University of Sheffield

This is a useful tool to quickly calculate the embodied energy and carbon of a structure and explore the potential benefits of design for deconstruction.

It is likely to be of particular interest to designers - structural engineers and architects.

In future updates it would be useful to include options for facade and roofing elements so a complete building shell could be analysed.


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