Lifetime Homes

The Lifetime Homes Standard seeks to enable ‘general needs’ housing to provide, either from the outset or through simple and cost-effective adaptation, design solutions that meet the existing and changing needs of diverse households. This offers the occupants more choice over where they live and which visitors they can accommodate for any given time scale. It is therefore an expression of Inclusive Design.

Housing that is designed to the Lifetime Homes Standard will be convenient for most occupants, including some (but not all) wheelchair users and disabled visitors, without the necessity for substantial alterations.

A Lifetime Home will meet the requirements of a wide range of households, including families with push chairs as well as some wheelchair users. The additional functionality and accessibility it provides is also helpful to everyone in ordinary daily life, for example when carrying large and bulky items.

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Tuesday, 7th May 2013

Ben Hopkins, Bennetts Associates

A really good standard, which helps future-proof housing. The web-page is equally simple and clear, giving all of the information required for designers. There used to be some clashes between things like level thresholds and passivhaus certified doors, but hopefully this has now been resolved by the increasing range of products developed to meet the UK’s requirements.


Monday, 29th April 2013

Dieter Gockmann, EPR Architects

The Lifetime Homes standard and associated professional guidance are very clear and concise. The 16 criteria are easy to follow and incorporate into residential projects to improve accessibilty without having to compromise on design.


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