Environmental Profiles Methodology

The BRE Environmental Profiles Methodology is a standardised method of identifying and assessing the environmental effects associated with building materials over their life cycle - that is their extraction, processing, use and maintenance and their eventual disposal. Environmental Profiles allow designers to demand reliable and comparable environmental information about competing building materials, and give suppliers the opportunity to present credible environmental information about their products. This means that designers can have confidence in the "level playing field" status of Environmental Profiles for every material type.

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Simon Corbey, Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP)

The beginning of the end for the Green Guide to Specification.

The BRE have announced that their sustainability assessment system known as the Environmental Profiles methodology, which underpins the Green Guide, will be phased out. This is due to its non-compliance with emerging EU standards managed by CEN TC/350 committee. The BRE are developing a new assessment method, or Product Category Rule (PCR) to use the correct term. It is not yet clear whether product manufacturers will be required to re-assess their products to this new PCR to achieve a Green Guide rating.

The BRE have also announced that the means of generating the Green Guide summary rating (A+ to E) does not meet international norms and is not an approach endorsed by the CEN TC350 committee. However, despite this fundamental flaw, the BRE is still defending the position of the Green Guide to Specification and its use within BREEAM.

The ASBP has long campaigned against the Green Guide and calls for its removal from use within BREEAM and CSH, or as a planning tool. The ASBP believes that it is time to end the monopoly and expect that the market will now open for greater plurality and innovation in the environmental assessment of construction products and the use of this information within BIM systems.


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