BBP Low Carbon Retrofit Toolkit

BBP Low Carbon Retrofit Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to identify the barriers limiting the uptake of low carbon retrofit in the market place and provide a ‘low carbon retrofit roadmap’ to help overcome these barriers.

Low carbon retrofit is defined as incremental improvements to the building fabric and systems with the primary intention of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. The toolkit seeks to give insight to the existing complexities in the UK retrofit market and provide solutions.

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Monday, 25th March 2013

Christoph Harwood, Marksman Consulting

A good comprehensive review which tells the story from end to end.

What I would add to it is Green Deal. Many in the industry see this as only being relevant to domestic retrofit but it works well for commercial buildings.

1. It can overcome landlord/tenant disincentive without changing any lease terms.
2. It can used with owner, tenant or third party finance.
3. It can be spread over a long period, including over multiple leases, so allowing early wins through immediate benefits.

There isn't currently a fund providing Green Deal finance, but an owner wanting to gather repayments from tenants can already make use of the mechanism.


Thursday, 21st March 2013

Matthew Rhodes, Encraft Ltd

This is a comprehensive and very useful list of the barriers to retrofit, particularly in the corporate sector. I thought the case studies at the end were particularly helpful in potentially showing how activity can be stimulated and delivered profitably.

I was less convinced about the abstract process suggested for driving retrofit (particularly step1, although once you get going the logical flow of activities is solid) as I'm not sure starting with the objective of 'retrofit' isn't putting the cart before the horse - I think companies might be better advised these days to think in terms of commercial benefits such as energy and maintenance costs, or simply the maintenance and improvement in the quality of their property portfolio.

I think we need to start thinking about potential (commercial) drivers of retrofit more imaginatively.



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