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Foresight is Arup’s internal think-tank and consultancy which deals with the future of the built environment and society at large. We serve Arup’s global business as well as external clients from a broad range of regions and sectors. We help organizations understand trends, explore new ideas, and radically rethink the future of their business. We developed the concept of ‘foresight by design’, which uses innovative design tools and techniques to bring new ideas to life and engage clients and stakeholders in meaningful conversations about change.


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It's Alive! Can you imagine the urban building of the future?

It's Alive! Can you imagine the urban building of the future?

The study, undertaken by Arup’s Foresight + Innovation team, foresees that structures will be fully integrated into the fabric of the city,... Read more…

The Future of Urban Water

Guidance and industry reports

A publication depicting four plausible scenarios for the future of urban water utilities in 2040. Using Sydney as a reference city, it explores how a wide range of social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends could shape our urban water future. Read more…

Cities Alive

Guidance and industry reports, Measurement & reporting tools

Cities Alive – rethinking green infrastructure – shows how the creation of a linked ‘city ecosystem’ that encompasses parks and open spaces; urban trees, streets, squares; woodland and waterways can help create healthier, safer and more prosperous cities. Read more…

Drivers of Change cards

What will our world be like in 2050? This set of cards identifies some of the leading drivers of change that affect our future. The intention is for these cards to act as a trigger for discussion, further research and reflection about our future. Read more…

Campus of the Future

Guidance and industry reports

What changes will influence how we design the educational campus in the future? How will education be delivered and what will the future campus look like? Read more…

Showing 1–5 of 5 results

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